A modern operator platform for managing and monitoring Wi-Fi networks

Wimark One is a modern domestic platform for managing, monitoring, authorizing, and analyzing operator-class Wi-Fi networks.

The Wimark One management, monitoring, and monetization platform solve the problem of managing Wi-Fi networks of any scale, built on access points from different manufacturers. It is a fully software solution that can be installed both in the client's local network and in the operator's cloud or service provider's cloud.



Management System
Network Management System (NMS) - management of Wi-Fi networks, access points with their own firmware, monitoring, and statistics collection.
User Authentication
Captive Portal for configuring guest and corporate Wi-Fi networks with various access policies, the ability to display advertising and informational content, and conducting surveys.
Analytical services
Analytics over Wi-Fi networks for marketing. Analysis of purchasing behavior and contact database for advertising. Visitor flows and staff movement on the map. Advertising and service messages depending on the location.



Multi-vendor Wi-Fi network management platform Wimark® ONE registered in the Registry of Russian Software of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media of the Russian Federation based on Registry Entry No. 13303 dated April 15, 2022.
  • Unified Eco-System
    Wimark offers a unified ecosystem for managing Wi-Fi networks and launching marketing services across multiple access points in geographically distributed locations.
  • Reduced cost of wireless network
    Significant reduction in the cost of a wireless network by using inexpensive access points, as well as replacing hardware Wi-Fi controllers with a software solution.
  • Efficient utilization of network resources
    The Wimark solution filters out fake MAC addresses directly at the access point, without consuming internet bandwidth for transmitting data that is not suitable for advertising and analysis.
  • More data for marketing
    Wi-Fi analytics provides comparative analysis based on audiences, periods, locations, zones within locations, regions, days of the week, and visiting hours.
  • Easy integration of additional services
    Providing a wide range of software interfaces (APIs), allowing operators and service providers to develop and implement modern managed Wi-Fi services based on the WIMARK platform.
  • Multi-user management system

    Multi-user management system for easy management, monitoring and statistics collection of multi-vendor access points

  • Flexible service architecture
    Software platform for management, monitoring, authorization (portal), and analytics
  • Vendor technical support

    Support is provided directly by the manufacturer, ensuring accurate, prompt and efficient service, avoiding unnecessary intermediaries and delays.


Key Requirements and Specifications of the Product (Datasheet)
Wimark One: Installation Guide
Knowledge Base for Wimark One Solution
Key Requirements and Specifications of the Product (Datasheet)
Wimark One: Installation Guide
Knowledge Base for Wimark One Solution



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