About Wimark

Company Wimark is a leading developer of wireless network software for the corporate market based on open technologies in Russia and the CIS.
Since 2014, Wimark has been developing convenient and reliable solutions for organizing wireless networks, helping businesses to create networks in one click and operate them without the need for human intervention.

Our mission:

To ensure that access to the Internet via wireless networks is provided ubiquitously and as simply as water or electricity.

We develop software for centralized management of Wi-Fi networks of various scales, from small and medium businesses to large-scale Enterprise-level wireless networks.

Among our clients are major banks, communication operators from Russia and the CIS, universities, federal retailers, airports, and other corporate customers.

Wimark WLC
Modern cloud controller for Wi-Fi wireless local area networks
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Wimark One
A multi-user system for easy management, monitoring, and collecting statistics from access points of various suppliers
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Any Other Questions: info@wimark.com

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