An effective tool for enterprise-class Wi-Fi competition

Our program is designed to establish fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships with our valued Partners. We are focused on building sustainable cooperation and expanding opportunities together with you.

Establishing long-term and robust partnership relations based on mutual trust, understanding, and support is the foundation of our joint development.



  • Materials and Training
    Our educational materials will help your sales specialists fully unleash the potential of our product and teach them how to position it correctly in the market to address the needs of customers.
  • Qualified Support
    Our team will assist with any questions related to the operation of the Products.
  • Deal registration
    We are ready to provide priority deal protection for the necessary duration, allowing partners to successfully close deals and safeguard their interests.
  • Partner portal
    On our portal, we host all the relevant documents and materials regarding our software, guides and instructions for licensing and technical support regulations, forms for deal protection and participation in pilot testing
  • Authorization letters
    To confirm the competence of our partners, we are ready to provide Authorization Letters upon request from customers. We believe this will help reinforce your expertise with clients and alleviate any doubts.
  • Pilot testing and Demo
    Our partners can utilize the technical pilot program and online demonstrations to showcase our products to customers. This will help you convince clients of the advantages of our solution over competitors and ensure the functionality of the solution in real-world conditions


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