Marketing services on the Wimark platform

The technology for collecting Wi-Fi statistics using additional routers is actively used by various marketing services. However, the more sales points a company has, the higher the costs for the purchase and installation of new equipment.

Installing Wimark firmware on client access points ensures manageability of the Wi-Fi network and frees the customer from the need to purchase a controller and additional routers for implementing marketing services, such as guest network authorization and interaction with visitors upon connection. Moreover, the client's existing routers, under the control of Wimark, begin to work simultaneously for Wi-Fi distribution and for monitoring the air in radar mode, identifying MAC addresses of connected and unconnected users within the network range. Thus, in addition to saving budget and time on service implementation, the WiFly and Wimark partner solution opens up new opportunities for the client for geolocation and targeted advertising.

Anonymized data collected by the Wi-Fi radar are sent to Yandex, analyzed using Crypta technology, and returned to the Customer's account in "Yandex.Audiences" as a user profile for advertising settings. Yandex identifies up to 65% of the sent array of MAC addresses. This means that out of every thousand detected MAC addresses, the client receives 650 quality leads for advertising.

Thus, a business owner can maintain customer loyalty by showing ads about special promotions only to regular customers, or attract new ones based on their interests. They can also track the conversion from advertising to sales, understanding that yesterday's passerby is identified today as a visitor.

By integrating the WiFly service on the Wimark platform, the client addresses both marketing and IT tasks on a single platform, utilizing Wimark's visualization tools, such as heat maps, and separate access for marketers and network administrators.

But the main advantage lies in the fact that the client receives a platform to which they can add any service that uses a Wi-Fi connection for data transmission, including digital signage and video analytics, whenever necessary.