Cloud solutions for multivendor Wi-Fi networks management

We develop intellectual Wi-Fi solutions for self-organizing networks (Wi-Fi SON) based on cutting edge technologies of monitoring, self-configuration and self-healing in wireless networks.

Our customers benefit from autonomous Wi-Fi infrastructure while maintaining visibility and control over the distributed multivendor networks.

Wimark solutions

Wimark provides cloud Wi-Fi solutions for a wide range of customer network equipment for comprehensive WLAN lifecycle management.
  • Configuration
    • Configure WLAN at access points
    • Configure radio-frequency parameters
    • Configure CPE wired interfaces
  • Authorisation
    • Create and manage access policies
    • Captive portal with static and video ads
    • API for extended 3rd party Captive portals
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting
    • Integrate with various notification systems
    • Handle the maintenance messages
    • Debug and troubleshoot network issues
  • Web-interface to NMS
    • Role-based muti-tenancy
    • Auto-discovery and inventory tools
    • Roaming between access points
    • Load balancing between access points
  • Radar mode
    • Radio environment monitoring and optimization
    • Rogue access points detection
    • MAC addresses monitoring
  • Collecting and mapping Wi-Fi data
    • Reports on traffic statistics
    • Reports on client statistics
    • Wi-Fi tracking
    • Heat maps

Benefits of vendor agnostic cloud Wi-Fi

  • Eliminating the cost of hardware controllers with cloud- based centralized management
  • Variety of affordable access points
  • Lower network management costs
  • Cost-effective network scaling
  • Developing customized solutions for clients
  • On-premises or cloud deployment
  • 3 integration options for different control scenarios
  • Easy scaling with container-based virtualization
  • API for the 3rd party services integration

Wimark integration options

Full control
Wimark Firmware is installed on the access point to replace the original firmware
Limited control
Wimark Platform is integrated with API of the client's Wi-Fi equipment
Services delivery
The device with embedded Wimark software is installed in client's local network
Our news
Our new partners
MOU signed at Gitex 2018

Wimark Systems have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the systems integrators in MENA - NNTC and NGN International. The partners confirmed the intention to co-operate in promoting and implementing innovative Wi-Fi solutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman.
Our new releases
RRM, Hotspot 2.0, Heat maps, LTE, WiFi radar

We released the update of Wimark Platform. The changes mostly concern the functions of RRM и Hotspot 2.0.
Was added a new capability - LTE Router. Now the platform supports access points connected to WAN via LTE modem.
Improved the algorithm of Heatmaps and WiFi radar.

WiFi Offload by Protei and Wimark Systems

We successfully completed interoperability testing of the joint solution for convergent networks with the international telecommunication systems vendor Protei.
Wimark provides open HTTP API for 3rd party Captive portals

For customers it means a choice of plug-and-play portal solutions on existing infrastructure, while ecosystem partners can provide WiFi services on a wider list of access points and collect MAC addresses for target ads.
Our clients and partners
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